The Skin Boutique

Blouberg Medi Spa

The Skin Boutique is a luxurious skincare salon situated at Blouberg Medi Spa in West Beach offering Environ® and Dermapen® Treatments.


We offer the full complement of Environ's signature range of Facial Treatments. Specialising in two hands-on therapy facials, as well as offering five unique treatments using the Environ DFII Machine. This machine uses pulsed iontophoresis treatments with active low frequency sonophoresis to maximise the enhanced penetration of Environ's vitamin products. During the winter months we offer a series of Environ Cool Peel Treatments.


Dermapen medical needling creates a micro-injury within the skin which stimulates wound healing – skin rejuvenation. Through this process of inflammation and healing, growth factors are released which are key in allowing the fibroblasts cells to start making new collagen and elastin. Dermapen is a skin renewal and rejuvenation treatment which we combine with the Environ DF Machine treatments - this feeds your skin cells with the essential vitamins and nutrients to enable them to function properly. These two treatments complement each other and produce highly effective results.

We are an authorised stockist of Environ Skincare and Heliocare products.